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Message from Our President

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Welcome to American Humane Association, the nation’s voice for the protection of children and animals.

Since 1877 we’ve been at the vanguard of virtually every major advance, policy movement, legislative campaign and cultural transformation aimed at protecting the most vulnerable among us. In doing so, we believe we’ve made the world a demonstrably better place – not only for children and animals, but for all of us who recognize that the strength of our society is rooted in acting every day to promote our core values of caring, compassion and hope.

Starting back at the turn of the last century, we witnessed the grim impacts of the industrial revolution on children and families, and we stepped up and made a difference. We pioneered laws that banned child labor and helped to establish the field of child welfare. Today, we conduct – and share with the world – groundbreaking research on programs and policies most likely to improve the lives of our children. Working at the national and local levels with a diverse range of partners, we help to build strong families and strong communities where children can thrive.

When World War I took as great a toll on animal soldiers as it did on human ones, we again stepped up and made a difference. We established the Red Star Animal Emergency Services® program, which still stands nearly a century later as an international model for helping animals in times of crisis. We continue to protect countless animals each year, whether from natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina and the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, or the human cruelty of dogfighting, horse abandonment, abuse and neglect. Many of you are already familiar with our work in safeguarding animal actors through our renowned “No Animals Were Harmed”® monitoring of more than 2,000 film and TV productions each year, but you may not know that we are also safeguarding the welfare of millions of farm animals each year through historic legislation to provide them with more humane conditions, and through rigorous, science-based auditing, monitoring and certification programs that help ensure the kind of compassionate treatment Americans are rightly demanding for all living creatures.

Throughout our history, American Humane Association has been a solutions-based organization that relies on knowledge as well as kindness, science as well as sentiment, hard facts as well as the facts of the heart to provide enduring answers to society’s most pressing challenges. Our goal is to create healthier, more humane and compassionate communities where our children and our animals – the voiceless and the vulnerable – can thrive.

For over a century our efforts have been successful because we all know deep in our hearts that they must be successful. Every day, more supporters join our ranks, from pet lovers to farmers, child welfare advocates, and powerful, caring leaders from Martha Stewart to Steven Spielberg. Yet even with all the progress we’ve made, there’s still so much to do to ensure the well-being of all children and the welfare of all animals. We need you to add your voice to our ranks.

We hope this website provides the information, insights and inspiration you need to be an effective advocate for children and animals. And we hope this visit marks just the beginning of your long and rewarding relationship with our organization.

Because when it comes to protecting children and animals, the needs are immense and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Working together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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