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Online hunting

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What is Internet hunting, and what is American Humane Association’s position on it?

Internet hunting refers to a practice by some websites that allows users, for a fee, to “hunt” animals in certain locations. Website users aim at the animals through webcams and then fire using their keyboard and mouse to operate remote rifles.

American Humane Association is gravely concerned about this trend. Disguised as “hunting,” this activity is nothing more than animal cruelty. The animals are held captive in an enclosure from which they cannot escape, and aiming a gun at them from miles away is unsportsmanlike, unethical, and inhumane. We believe that most hunters in this country share our outrage.

American Humane Association asserts that Internet hunting is contrary to the values of our mission. Consequently, American Humane Association is calling for positive action to prevent such cruelties.

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