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What happened to Laddie, the Collie described in American Humane’s mailings?

American Humane Association tells the story of "Laddie" to convey the horrific problem of animal abuse in the United States. This four-year-old dog was dragged behind a Jeep by his owner. The owner proceeded to stop the car, get out, beat Laddie unmercifully, and then drag him down the street even further. At the time of the incident, cruelty to animals was a Class A Misdemeanor under Kentucky law, carrying a maximum $500 fine.

The perpetrator was convicted of 2nd-degree animal abuse and fined $250 by the judge in Mayfield, Kentucky. The Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter cared for Laddie until he unfortunately passed away as a result of his injuries.

This case exemplifies the need for felony animal cruelty laws and strict enforcement of those laws in each and every state. American Humane Association works tirelessly to help states implement felony animal cruelty legislation and sentencing guidelines for offenders. To learn more about our work to improve animal cruelty laws and other legislation that impacts children and animals, click here.

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