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Funding for film monitoring

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How is the work to protect animals in film funded?

Donations from American Humane Association’s members help support the work of our Film & Television Unit, but the bulk of the funding comes from a grant awarded to us by the Industry Advancement and Cooperative Fund (IACF). Contributing to the fund is part of a producer’s obligation to the union for film actors -- the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) -- when working under the SAG/Producers contract. The fund is part of the health and pension plan and administered by trustees from both SAG and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). Every year, American Humane Association submits a grant request to the IACF board to renew its contract.

The IACF supports many initiatives that deal with member health and safety issues. American Humane Association serves as the animals' safety representative, recognizing that the safety of animals achieves, among other things, greater safety for the human actors who interact with them.

Since the movie producers are contributing to the fund, and the American Humane Association is monitoring the movies, is there a conflict of interest?

No. Although contribution are made by producers related to SAG and AFTRA contracts to the IACF, union members do not control the funds. The IACF is guided by its own board of directors -- not by SAG members or the SAG organization -- and American Humane Association’s Film & TV Unit reports directly to the IACF.

A similar example is that you, as a citizen, pay taxes to the federal and local governments, and a portion of your taxes funds law enforcement. But, if an officer pulls you over for speeding, you can’t get out of paying your ticket just because you pay part of his or her salary.

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