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Bonsai kittens

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I’ve heard of “Bonsai Kittens.” Is this a hoax?

American Humane Association is aware of the "Bonsai kitten" website, which proposes, as a form of entertainment, the intentional disfigurement of kittens. The website proposes that kittens can be placed in jars, provided with tubes for breathing and elimination, and kept alive to grow into the shape of the jar. These "Bonsai Kittens" would then presumably be kept as a novelty.

Although American Humane Association has strong reasons to believe this website is a hoax, we feel it may inspire acts of animal cruelty. Further, the language and graphic photos on the site could lead to attempts to replicate this stunt.

The best action to take in opposition to this website and practice is nothing. American Humane Association encourages people not to initiate e-mail or Internet petitions or contact the person operating the site. This only encourages the site's continuance. Further, spreading the word about the horrors of Bonsai kittens only increases traffic to this web domain, making the ultimate demise of it more difficult. If you possess information that someone is trying to replicate this process, please alert your local authorities immediately.

Statement on Intentional Deformation of Cats

American Humane Association unalterably opposes all abuse to animals, including intentional disfigurement. Studies show that people who perpetrate violence toward animals often perpetrate violence toward children and other vulnerable populations.

American Humane Association supports the prosecution of anyone who maliciously and intentionally disfigures an animal for the purpose of entertainment. All 50 states have animal cruelty laws that make practices such as the intentional deformation of cats illegal.

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