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Military Hero Dog Who Served in Kuwait Returns to U.S.

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Military Working Dog Fara H341, an explosives detection canine who helped keep our troops safe in Kuwait, returned home to a hero’s welcome at Baltimore’s BWI airport, greeted by her adoptive handler, Military Working Dog Adoptions, and a cheering contingent from American Humane Association.

After their careers of service to the nation, saving soldiers’ lives, many four-legged heroes need help getting home. MWD Fara H341 was lucky enough to have many supporters who worked behind the scenes to ensure her repatriation to the United States, including Military Working Dog Adoptions, her adoptive handler MA2 Logan McMichael, and American Humane Association, the child and animal welfare charity that has been helping the military, military animals, and military families since 1916.

“It is vital that we honor and protect all our military heroes – at both ends of the leash,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association. “Military working dogs have been a vital, life-saving part of our armed services and they deserve our support when they can no longer work. The public agrees as we dramatically saw firsthand during this year’s annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™ when after 3 million votes were cast by the American public, Military Working Dog Gabe was chosen as the nation’s top American Hero Dog. MWD Fara, MWD Gabe, and all the other courageous canines who work every day to keep our soldiers safe deserve our help and thanks.”

“After all these animals have done for us, we owe them a debt of gratitude and repatriation to a safe, loving home where they can enjoy a well-deserved retirement,” said Debbie Kandoll, founder of Military Working Dog Adoptions, a charity that through public donations has engineered the return, placement and care of more than 300 military hero dogs, including MWD Fara H341.

MA2 Logan McMichael and MWD Fara H341 became a team when Logan first got to Greece in the spring of 2008. They were then deployed to Kuwait from about July 2009 to April 2010. They returned to Greece and Logan returned to the States, where he is now stationed in Yorktown, Virginia. Before leaving Greece, Logan asked to adopt MWD Fara upon her retirement, but did not have the funds and necessary permissions to get her on a plane back home. Military Working Dog Adoptions worked to raise the money needed, and American Humane Association worked behind the scenes with the military to have them put MWD Fara on a flight so she could get back from Greece to the United States, ensuring a happy ending for everyone involved.

“Fara not only kept our son safe while he was deployed, but her entire life has been dedicated to keeping her country safe,” said MA2 Logan McMichael’s mother Roberta Wright. “She deserves to be loved for the rest of her days.”

Please support dogs like MWD Fara H341. They deserve our love and our thanks.

About Military Working Dog Adoptions

Military Working Dog Adoptions is a charity that works to find forever homes for retired military dogs. MWDA has helped return, place and care for more than 300 military hero dogs, and have conducted international transports from Germany, Italy, Greece, Korea, Hawaii, and Japan. For more information, please go to

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