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June 10, 2014

American Humane Association Offers Tips to Help Children Deal with Concerns Following the School Shootings in Oregon

News Release | June 10, 2014

Following the shootings at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon near Portland, American Humane Association issued these tips for parents and other caregivers to help children cope with the fear and uncertainty caused by this frightening event.

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June 5, 2014

Media Icon Paris Hilton Launches Fundraising Campaign for American Humane Association

News Release | June 5, 2014

Organization that helped found America's humane efforts in the 1800s joins with global entrepreneur for special Prizeo campaign giving donors chance to win meet-and-greet at magazine photo shoot.

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June 3, 2014

Military Search Dog to be Reunited with U.S. Marine Corps Veteran After Afghanistan Service

News Release | June 3, 2014

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung will be reunited with Contract Working Dog (CWD) Cena N641, a black Labrador with whom he served in Afghanistan.

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May 20, 2014

American Humane Association Announces Appointment of Two Humane Heartland™ Scientific Advisory Committee Members

News Release | May 20, 2014

American Humane Association is pleased to announce the appointment of two highly respected professors of animal science to its Humane Heartland™ Scientific Advisory Committee.

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May 14, 2014

During National Dog Bite Prevention Week® and All-Year Round American Humane Association Offers Tips to Stay Safe

News Release | May 14, 2014

American Humane Association, the nation’s first national humane organization and the only one dedicated to protecting the welfare of animals and children, encourages adults to teach children how to avoid dog bites and learn the importance of pet owner responsibility.

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May 8, 2014

Scientists, Superstars and Hero Dogs Join American Humane Association on Capitol Hill to Brief Congress on Breakthrough Study on the Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Child Cancer Patients, Families

News Release | May 8, 2014

Today, American Humane Association, scientists, researchers, four therapy dog teams, and country star, former nurse and animal lover Naomi Judd held a congressional briefing to discuss a groundbreaking study by American Humane Association that is the first scientific effort to document the beneficial effects of animal-assisted therapy in helping children with cancer and their families.

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May 1, 2014

Severe Weather Strike Force Visits Recently Impacted Communities

News Release | May 1, 2014

In partnership with the American Red Cross, First Response Team of America, Save the Children and the American Humane Association’s Red Star™ Animal Emergency Services program, “AMHQ” is introducing the Severe Weather Strike Force on Thursday, May 1, live from 7 - 10 a.m. ET on The Weather Channel. This initiative is the first of its kind for any television network.

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May 1, 2014

Congressional Briefing to Be Held on Breakthrough Study Observing the Impact of Therapy Dogs in Aiding Child Cancer Patients and Their Families

News Release | May 1, 2014

A special briefing for Congress and the media about a breakthrough research study examining a promising, underutilized weapon in the war on childhood cancer. American Humane Association will introduce its “Canines and Childhood Cancer” study, a three-year research effort that is seeking to verify the significance of animal-assisted therapy in pediatric oncology patients.

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April 28, 2014

Military Search Dog to Be Reunited with U.S. Army Veteran After Iraq War Service

News Release | April 28, 2014

U.S. Army veteran Sergeant Jason Bos will be reunited with Military War Dog Cila M389, a chocolate Labrador with whom he served since 2008 on nearly 100 missions in Iraq as well as stateside missions in support of President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

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April 21, 2014

American Humane Association Joins Partners for Healthy Pets as Associate Member

News Release | April 21, 2014

As part of its ongoing commitment to the welfare, wellness, and well-being of America’s millions of pets, American Humane Association, the first national humane organization, is pleased to announce that it has joined Partners for Healthy Pets as an associate member.

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April 18, 2014

During this “Be Kind to Animals Week,” Join America’s New Compassion Movement and Become a Voice for the Voiceless

News Release | April 18, 2014

American Humane Association, the organization that helped found America's original "Compassion Movement" in the 1870s is putting out an urgent plea to reach and enlist one million new advocates to help billions of animals facing the daunting challenges of the 21st Century.

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April 9, 2014

Tips for Parents Following Stabbings in Murrysville, PA

News Release | April 9, 2014

Following the stabbing of at least 20 people at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, American Humane Association issued these tips for parents and other caregivers to help children cope with the fear and uncertainty caused by this tragedy.

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April 2, 2014

National Fire Dog Monument, Honoring America's Heroic Arson Dogs And Their Handlers,Voted Most Popular National Monument

News Release | April 2, 2014

America has spoken, and one of the newest monuments in the nation’s capital has been voted its most popular. After a hard-fought final round, the National Fire Dog Monument took home top honors in the Washington Post’s “Monument Madness” tournament, besting some of the most worthy and famous contenders.

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March 25, 2014

Entrepreneur, Music Artist, Fashion Designer and Media Icon Paris Hilton Honored for Her Charitable Work at Palm Beach Gala

News Release | March 25, 2014

Surrounded by many of the world’s leading philanthropists and passionate animal welfare advocates, Ms. Hilton was presented with American Humane Association’s National Humanitarian Medal for her support of a wide range of worthy causes and organizations benefiting the most vulnerable.

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February 28, 2014

Honor the Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinarian Technician in Your Animal's Life!

News Release | February 28, 2014

Nominations for inaugural American Humane Association Hero Veterinarian and Hero Veterinarian Technician Awards™ presented by Zoetis open on March 7. Winners in each category to be honored on national television at 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™

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February 24, 2014

American Humane Association Applauds, Encourages U.S. Olympians Bringing Mutts, As Well As Medals, Home

News Release | February 24, 2014

American Humane Association is giving applause and encouragement to the heroic U.S. athletes who are bringing home mutts, as well as medals, from the 2014 Olympic Games.

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February 14, 2014

The Weather Channel Falls in Love with its New Weather Therapy Dog

News Release | February 14, 2014

Weather network, in partnership with American Humane Association, chooses weather therapy dog to assist in hard-hit communities

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