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Helping Memphis Recover After the Floods

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Helping Memphis Recover After the Floods:
 Disney TV Star and American Humane Association Hosting Hope Tour to Honor Memphis First Responders, Keep Children and Animals Safe & Bring Cheer, Financial Support and Supplies to Local Shelters
 AHA continues relief work with 10 tips to keep children & animals safe after flood


After working on the ground in Memphis for several weeks rescuing animals affected by the floods and reuniting pets with their families, American Humane Association and Disney TV star and AHA National Ambassador Orlando Brown are launching a Hope Tour May 19-20 to honor Memphis’ valiant First Responders, and bring some sorely needed cheer, financial support, and supplies to area shelters, as well as expert tips to keep children and animals safe.


On Thursday, May 19 from 9-11 am, AHA is hosting a country ham and biscuits “Community Heroes Appreciation Breakfast” for Memphis’ valiant First Responders. This will be followed by afternoon visits to local shelters and distribution of expert tips to help children and animals stay safe and cope after the floods.


Disney TV Star, musician, and American Humane Association National Ambassador Orlando Brown. Mr. Brown, who has starred in “That’s So Raven” and many other TV shows and films, will favor local heroes with a song or two, and deliver some cheer, coloring books, and other supplies to displaced children and families.
President & CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert, Vice President of Emergency Services Debrah Schnackenberg, and other team members of the 134-year-old charity American Human Association, whose legendary Red Star Animal Emergency Services™ team traveled 1,000 miles with a convoy of rescue trucks to help Memphis’ animals. They and Mr. Brown will deliver a grant to a local shelter, visit with families and children, and provide expert tips on keeping children and animals safe.

Memphis’ Finest–The city’s police, firefighters, and other first responders who saved so many lives, both human and animal, through the dark days of the great flood of 2011.

WHERE Outside the 82-foot Red Star Rescue Rig at 1716 Shelby Oaks Drive North, Memphis, TN
WHEN Thursday, May 19 from 9:00-11:00 am


“Even superheroes need relief and recognition,” said Dr. Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association. “We’ve been working side by side with Memphis’ valiant first responders to save the lives of hundreds of people and animals. Now it’s time to refresh, regroup, and refocus on the task of rebuilding the community physically and emotionally. We’re proud to be a part of a 134-year effort to build safe, healthy, and humane communities for the voiceless and the vulnerable, and especially proud to work with the magnificent men and women who have done so much for the city of Memphis.”

“Memphis was sorely tested by the flood and though she emerged a little muddy, she also emerged victorious,” said Disney TV star and musician Orlando Brown. “As a new national ambassador for American Humane Association, I wanted to do my part to help good Memphis get back up on her feet, and through a song or two, put a spring back in her step. It’s an honor to be here among true heroes and I hope that better days will soon be here.”

RESOURCES & INTERVIEWS:  Disney TV star and AHA National Ambassador Orlando Brown, American Humane Association President and CEO Robin Ganzert, PhD, and other members of the volunteer team are available for on-site breakfast interviews Thursday from 9:00-11:00 am, and in studio other times Thursday and part of Friday to provide helpful tips on keeping kids and animals safe, and talk about the challenges in rebuilding a sense of normalcy following this disaster. 

** MEMPHIS RESCUE PHOTOS, VIDEOS, STATISTICS, STORIES AND 10 TIPS to keep your children and animals safe and help them cope with the aftermath of the flood are available:

American Humane Association received a request to deploy in partnership with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which received an official request from the Shelby County, Tenn. Office of Preparedness HLS/EMA and the Mayor of Memphis to address the massive flood.  The Red Star team in Memphis consisted of 15 staff and volunteers. Their 82-foot-long “Rescue Rig” emergency response vehicle is equipped with a mobile veterinary clinic, crisis supplies, and water rescue craft. A convoy of support vehicles including a 4-wheel-drive pickup and horse trailer accompanied the Rescue Rig to assist in land and water rescues. For more news about the Red Star team’s emergency work during disasters or to support their efforts to help communities and animals in crisis, please go to .

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