Following Cancellation of HBO Series “Luck,” American Humane Association Working to Find Good Homes for Horses

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – American Humane Association has just learned that HBO has cancelled the series "Luck." Given the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of a horse on Monday and in light of two other fatalities in 2010 and 2011, this is arguably the best decision HBO could have made.

Following the death of a horse that reared up and fell while walking to its stall on Monday, we demanded that all production involving animals be shut down and insisted that the stoppage remain in force pending an investigation, which we will continue so that we might learn how, if possible, to prevent such incidents in the future and protect more animals.

Here at AHA, we remain committed and extra vigilant in ensuring that all television and film productions adhere to the highest standards and the strictest guidelines and protocols regarding animal actors. We have worked for more than 70 years to ensure the proper treatment of animals in film, and will now follow up with HBO to find out the disposition of the horses in the Luck barn and ensure that they are retired properly.

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