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American Humane Association’s Red Star™ Animal Emergency Services Team to Spend Volunteer Day at The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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Denver, Colorado  – American Humane Association's Red Star Animal Emergency Services staff is spending a day volunteering at The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado on November 22, 2011. While the Red Star team is usually dedicated to working in emergency and disaster zones across the country assisting animals and their families they have volunteered during this Thanksgiving week to provide a day of hard work in a different atmosphere. The recent horrible fate of so many exotic animals in Ohio made the Red Star team want to shed some light on a great organization that has done a terrific job saving a variety of exotic animals.

“With it being Thanksgiving week the team wanted to take another opportunity to give back,” said Debrah Schnackenberg, Senior Vice President Emergency Services Programs. “Our staff works very hard throughout the year to rescue and care for animals and the incident in Ohio affected us deeply. When they came up with the idea of doing a volunteer day to assist with exotic animals that have been rescued from cruel and inhumane conditions I was thrilled. It makes me very proud to have this incredible group of people who make the Red Star Team what it is today.”

About American Humane Association
Since 1877 American Humane Association has been at the forefront of virtually every major advance in protecting children, pets and farm animals from cruelty, abuse and neglect. Today we're also leading the way in understanding the human-animal bond and its role in therapy, medicine and society. American Humane Association reaches millions of people every day through groundbreaking research, education, training and services that span a wide network of organizations, agencies and businesses. You can help make a difference, too. Visit American Humane Association at today.

About The Red Star Team
Red Star has a nearly century-long legacy of animal relief, beginning with a Federal request to help wounded horses on WWI European battlefronts. Today, Red Star first-responder teams provide on-the-ground rescue and support services to state and local agencies and shelters by official invitation. The largest truck in the Red Star convoy carries rescue boats, a hoist, food and medical supplies, snap-together kennels for extending or creating animal shelters, food bowls and other items to keep animals safe and cared for. These animals may range from family pets in need of temporary shelter if their families must evacuate their homes to animals rescued from dangerous conditions.

About The Wild Animal Sanctuary
Rocky Mountain Wildlife Conservation Center, Inc., DBA The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 720 acre refuge for large carnivores that have been confiscated from illegal or abusive situations. The Sanctuary is located 30 miles northeast of Denver, Colorado near the town of Keenesburg. The non-profit organization currently cares for more than 290 Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores and provides lifelong care for its rescued animals. The Sanctuary is the oldest and largest carnivore sanctuary in existence, having been in operation since 1980. The facility is distinctive among others in that it provides large acreage natural habitats for its rescued animals to live in and roam freely. The Sanctuary is open daily to the public for educational purposes and features a unique system of observation decks and walkways that visitors utilize to see the animals in natural habitats.

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