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American Humane Association lauds gas chamber ban in PA

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Pennsylvania becomes 20th state to ban the use of inhumane gas chambers

American Humane Association issued the following statement applauding Governor Tom Corbett’s signing of Pennsylvania H.B. 2630, banning the use of gas chambers to euthanize shelter animals:

“American Humane Association applauds Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett for signing H.B. 2630 into law. The bill initially introduced by Senator Andrew Dinniman (D-Chester) and shepherded through the House by Representative John Maher, Chair of the House Agriculture Committee, outlaws the deplorable use of gas chambers to end the lives of homeless cats and dogs, the most cruel and inhumane practice imaginable. The measure, which calls for the use of established injectable euthanasia drugs administered only by licensed and certified individuals to ensure that these helpless and frightened animals do not needlessly face prolonged suffering and distress, received overwhelming bi-partisan support in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate.
“Each year, millions of dogs and cats face a prolonged and painful death in gas chambers, and rarely has an animal survived. However, in an amazing survival story, Daniel, a young beagle emerged from an Alabama gas chamber that killed 18 of his four-legged compatriots in October 2011, still wagging his tail. His story is the inspiration for this law. Today, Daniel is happily living in a forever home on the East Coast. His remarkable story received worldwide media attention and he has used his new-found celebrity to advocate for shelter adoptions and anti-gassing laws in state legislatures across the country. Named American Humane Association’s Emerging Hero Dog, he is the inspiration for H.B. 2630, also known as ‘Daniel’s Law.’
“American Humane Association has long considered the use of euthanasia by injection (EBI) as the only acceptable and humane means of euthanasia in animal shelters.

“In 2010, American Humane Association commissioned a study on the costs of both methods of euthanasia which proved that EBI is not only an infinitely more humane method, but less than half the cost to communities than the outdated and unnecessary use of gas chambers.

“We thank Governor Corbett and Rep. Maher for their support, and Senator Dinniman for his steadfast leadership and unwavering commitment towards making this law a reality.”

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