American Humane Association Applauds McDonald’s For Transition to More Humane Housing for Pigs

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WASHINGTON, D.C., February 13 – American Humane Association, the nation's 135-year-old voice for children and animals today commended McDonald's proactive position to require their pork supply chain to be gestation crate-free.

"Millions of pigs spend their lives in crates that are inhumanely small and do not allow them to move freely and express their natural behaviors," said American Humane Association President & CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert. "This leadership on the part of McDonald's will not only advance the welfare of millions of animals but will most likely encourage others food service providers and retailers to follow suit."

"We're very pleased that this requirement of McDonald's pork suppliers meets our standards for the humane treatment of sows," said Kathi Brock, senior director of the American Humane Association Farm Animal Program, the nation's first and largest third-party auditing and certification program for the humane treatment of America's farm animals. "It's the right thing to do and it meets consumers' expectations."

American Humane Association noted that the adoption of loose housing systems for sows requires not only new equipment but also training of workers and managers to handle animals humanely.

"We encourage McDonald's and the pork industry to keep advancing the welfare of the nation's farm animals and incorporate third-party welfare standards and humane training," Brock said.

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