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A Pawsome New Year's Resolution

Making the News | 01.08.14

American Humane Association President and CEO Dr. Robin Ganzert’s latest column in GRAND Magazine, the national magazine dedicated to grandparents, features a “pawsome” New Year’s resolution.

Pets Suffer in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters | Naomi Judd

Making the News | 01.06.14

Nothing is more heartbreaking to me than seeing pets and other animals that are injured, abandoned and lost, including those in the wake of severe weather

The Companion Animal Magazine - Pg. 16

Making the News | 11.25.13

The Companion Animal Magazine - Pg. 17

Making the News | 11.25.13

Large-scale food animal production under microscope

Making the News | 10.19.13

Welfare groups seek to move 'corporate farming' into political arena.

Farm Beat: Survey finds wide support for humane treatment of livestock

Making the News | 09.30.13

A recent survey by the American Humane Association found that 89 percent of the 2,600 respondents are very concerned about the welfare of livestock on farms, but nearly 1,000 have trouble finding meat, eggs and dairy products certified as humane.



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