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Las Vegas Sun: American Humane Association holds star-studded Lights of Compassion weekend!

Making the News | 05.17.13

It also is a star-studded “The Great Gatsby”-themed weekend for reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump, legendary illusionists Siegfried & Roy, former Mrs. Howard Hughes actress Terry Moore and singers Frankie Moreno and Wayne Newton. They’re all joining forces for the two-day Lights of Compassion fundraiser for The American Humane Association. Lisa, star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Lisa Rules,” her dog Giggy, Frankie and singer-songwriter Carol Connors are at a fashion show today at Bellagio.

Splash Magazine: Lights of Compassion American Humane Association Review - A Weekend Designed to focus the light on our animal friends

Making the News | 05.17.13

“Lights of Compassion” a weekend designed to focus the light on our animal friends kicked off with a delightful afternoon tea and fashion show on the Grand Patio at the Bellagio on Friday, May 17, 2013. After all, compassion is always in fashion.

American Humane Association made Veterinary Practice News twice in one week! Here’s the latest to accompany your mocha and French cruller:

Making the News | 05.15.13

The American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Humane Association and other groups are working to raise awareness next week about dog bites and how to avoid them.

The Examiner: The American Humane Association scores on many fronts

Making the News | 05.15.13

The American Humane Association (AHA) has a paw on many good fronts. First and foremost, they are working very hard in order to help Boston to heal. Along with the Comfort Dogs from the Lutheran Church Charities out of Addison, Illinois, the AHA sent teams of Animal-Assisted Therapy dogs and handlers out to help those requiring a good dog hug while the manhunts were going on.

Happy Be Kind to Animals Week®!

Making the News | 05.09.13

American Humane Association in an effort to support animals and raise awareness about their health and safety. At Scholastic, we love animals (Clifford! Otto! Owen & Mzee!), and we consider this an incredible and important cause.

Register Star: Be the voice for those who cannot speak

Making the News | 05.09.13

It began 1877 and was originally known as “The International Humane Association.” It was the country’s first national humane organization, primarily concerned with the treatment of farm animals being transported from coast to coast.

Join American Humane Association In Celebration Of 'Be Kind to Animals Week,' May 5-11

Making the News | 05.03.13

American Humane Association has been celebrating Be Kind to Animals Week® since 1915, when the nation's oldest and largest national organization protecting the welfare of animals created the campaign in honor of all the creatures with whom we share our world.

CBS-TV: Helping Boston Heal

Making the News | 05.03.13



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