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USA Today: Pups on the Hill kick off childhood cancer study

Making the News | 05.08.14

The American Humane Association brought pups to Capitol Hill to help drum up conversation about a new clinical trial to test the effects of therapy dogs on children with cancer.

The Washington Times: Inside the Beltway: Mesmerized media — Monica engulfs the press

Making the News | 05.07.14

On Capitol Hill Thursday morning, it’s Peppe, an Italian Greyhound; Ladybug, a Yorkshire Terrier; Olive, a Dalmatian; and Butler, a German Shepherd mix. All are “therapy dogs” specially trained to comfort and encourage children with cancer; they are part of a special briefing for lawmakers from the American Humane Association. The group will introduce its groundbreaking new “Canines and Childhood Cancer” study, a three-year, privately funded research effort suggesting the significance of animal-assisted therapy in pediatric oncology patients.

Politico: Barber touts Democratic mental health bill - Hatch and Burwell huddle

Making the News | 05.07.14

…Naomi Judd will speak Thursday at a congressional briefing on animal-assisted therapy for children with cancer. Just think — around this time she could have been running around campaigning against Mitch McConnell if Ashley had entered the race. What a blast.

NBC News: Puppy Love: Study Tests Power of Dogs Against Cancer

Making the News | 05.07.14

Backed by a nearly $1 million grant from veterinary health firm Zoetis, with matching funds from the Pfizer Foundation, the American Humane Association is launching what advocates say is the first clinical trial of the effects of what's known as animal-assisted therapy, or AAT, on young cancer patients and their families.

Chicago Tribune: Veteran and bomb-sniffing dog reunite at O'Hare

Making the News | 04.30.14

It was a sad parting when Sgt. Jason Bos left Fort Lee in Virginia nearly two years ago and had to say goodbye to MWD Cila M389, the bomb-sniffing chocolate Lab he called Cici.

TV by the Numbers: New National Partnership with the Weather Channel Announced

Making the News | 04.16.14

American Humane Association is teaming up with The Weather Channel, The Red Cross, and other first responders during the network's popular "Tornado Week" to announce a new partnership to bring help to and national reports directly from storm-ravaged communities. Here is just one report in the national television publication, TV by the Numbers.

eWallstreeter: eWallstreeter and the Bark Do Stories on Our Weather Channel Therapy Dog

Making the News | 04.15.14

eWallstreeter and The Bark ran short features on Butler, our national Weather Channel Therapy Dog.

Animal Legal Defense Fund: ALDF Petitions to Stop Puppy Gassing in North Carolina

Making the News | 04.15.14

Animal Advocates Ask Tar Heel State’s Ag Board to Prohibit Painful Euthanasia Method.

Provisioner: Animal welfare is about much more than animals

Making the News | 04.10.14

Animal welfare in food production is no longer just about farmers and ranchers and the way they treat their animals. It is now part of a comprehensive food system that includes consumers, retailers and restaurants, government and regulatory agencies, NGOs, auditors and certifiers, and educators.

American Humane Association National Humanitarian Award Luncheon

Making the News | 04.03.14

On Tuesday, March 25, entrepreneur, music artist, fashion designer and media icon Paris Hilton was recognized for her outstanding charitable work in a sold-out, glittering gala luncheon at The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach hosted by Lois Pope and American Humane Association.

America Speaks: National Fire Dog Monument Voted Most Popular

Making the News | 04.03.14

America has spoken, and one of the newest monuments in the nation’s capital has been voted its most popular

Amy McCullough & Butler, National Weather Therapy Dog

Making the News | 03.17.14

Amy McCullough of the American Humane Association introduces us to the Weather Channel's 2014 Weather Therapy dog. Butler was rescued from the Humane Society of Charlotte & works to help comfort victims of natural disasters across the country. This segment was filmed on location at UNC Charlotte.

Scent of success: Bailey a ‘hero dog’ hopeful

Making the News | 03.16.14

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Like most smiling, slobbering Labradors, Bailey loves to run, and she loves to play catch. So much so that it’s easy for the Kincaids to forget sometimes that she’s more than just the loyal family dog.

These professionals, volunteers helping pets

Making the News | 02.18.14

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration for two-legged couples, but now that it’s over, we should add to the celebration those who do something wonderful for our four-legged friends.

Will Studying Fido’s Ocd Lead To Earlier Autism Diagnoses?

Making the News | 01.30.14

The American Humane Association is partnering with several research organizations to gain new insights into autism by analyzing the genetic cause of obsessive-compulsive disorders in dogs.

America's First National Humane Organization Debuts New Weekly Radio Show

Making the News | 01.24.14

America’s first national humanitarian organization is pleased to present its new weekly radio show, “Be Humane with Dr. Robin Ganzert,” part of the Pet Life Radio Network, the number one pet radio network on the planet.

Weather Channel Takes National Dog Search to Bergen County Shelter

Making the News | 01.15.14

Weather Channel, partnering with the American Humane Association, continues searching a handful of shelters across the country this week, looking for a dog that can be trained by Amy McCullough.

Search for National Weather Therapy Dog

Making the News | 01.15.14

American Humane Association partnership with The Weather Channel to find a National Weather Therapy Dog who will help communities struck by natural disasters.



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