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The military dogs left overseas

Making the News | 07.24.14

Cochran Show Hour Two 7/24/2014

Making the News | 07.24.14

Charity Watch: American Humane Association Named a "Top-Rated Charity" by Charity Watch!

Making the News | 07.15.14

We're on a roll! After winning the Gold from GuideStar, American Humane Association was just named a "Top -Rated Charity" by the American Institute of Philanthropy's CharityWatch! Click on the "Animal & Animal Protection" section. Neither of the other two big animal charities is on the list. Congratulations!!!

WTOP (CBS) Washington, D.C.: America Votes for Top Hero Dog

Making the News | 07.08.14

The 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards is down to eight finalists. The contestants represent service dogs and therapy dogs. Some do search and rescue or law enforcement work. Others were abused and abandoned but now they're success stories making a difference in people's lives.

GRAND Magazine: Dr. Robin Ganzert's summer heat safety tips for pets

Making the News | 07.02.14

For many of us, summer means one thing, and that's fun in the sun! But that lovely summer sun often accompanies unbearable heat, and our grandchildren (and we) suffer the consequences. You likely know about the need to apply and reapply sunscreen, to keep them (and you) hydrated, and more–but were you aware that your pet needs similar protections?

SunSentinel: Red Cross for animals: Palm Beach-based rescue vehicle saves pets

Making the News | 06.24.14

The town of Palm Beach is home to a 50-foot, 30,000-pound rescue vehicle that can be deployed anywhere in the country to scenes of hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. A group of volunteers sleep on board and spend their days searching the wreckage for survivors – but not the two-legged type.

The National Provisioner: Animal welfare: There are three humane choices for egg-laying hens

Making the News | 06.14.14

Recent news and legislation advance the chicken-egg relationship further by defining space requirements and additional welfare considerations for egg-laying hens and other farm animals.



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