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We are saddened to report that a dog who had been scheduled to appear in a commercial shoot passed away in a clinic yesterday before filming of the animal was to take place. The dog started exhibiting signs of distress before he was called to set, and an AHA Certified Animal Safety Representative on the scene intervened. The AHA Certified Animal Safety Representative and Chief Veterinary Officer requested immediate emergency medical care, and the dog was rushed to the closest veterinarian practice for urgent medical attention. As with any unexpected incident such as this, AHA will launch a humane investigation into the circumstances to determine a cause.

Because of the vigilance of our Certified Animal Safety Representatives, our Film and Television Unit, which monitors the safety of some 100,000 animal actors each year on more than 2,000 sets, has a 99.98% safety rate working with animals in filmed media. Again, the death did not occur during production, and it was due to the intervention of the AHA Certified Animal Safety Rep that the dog was provided with emergency medical care. We mourn his passing.

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